Social learning for professionals: ‘community of practice’

March 2012

  • Is Social Learning taking place in your company?
  • How do you learn from others? Are you mentored, or do you mentor others?
  • If you work alone, or remotely, how do you get support, and from whom?

The MentaMe community was developed as a pilot project in 2011 – an extension of a research activity for a paper for the Master of Educational Technology degree at University of British Columbia.  The aim of the MentaMe website was to connect professionals from any location, profession or industry, and facilitate mentoring on a peer-to-peer basis. The concept for the MentaMe community was designed on principles of social learning, enquiry-based learning, and Lave & Wenger’s ‘community of practice’ model.  If interested, take a look at a short video of the website, but note the website itself is no longer live.

  • Do you have any thoughts about social learning in your workplace or industry?
  • What technology do you think is best for social learning and peer mentoring? Is LinkedIn the ideal solution? Could other websites/technologies work better?

Enter your thoughts and share any links to any online professional communities that you think are cool for learning.


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