The Amazing List of Links

Before folksonomies arrived on the scene, I kept my favourite URLs as a content list on this webpage.  All URLs had something to do with learning or learning technology.  

Whilst this ‘old hat’ method of categorising URLs isn’t how it’s done anymore (I’ve moved to and social tagging), I still keep this ‘Amazing List of Links’ on my blog.  It could be useful to someone new to instructional design who wants a foothold on theoretical foundations and a way to organise the diverse areas of knowledge and skill applicable to instructional design.
Learning Theories  / Instructional Design / Curriculum Development


Game-based Learning

Digital Textbooks – eBooks – SmartBooks – AudioBooks

Tricks and Tips

Learning Management Systems and other technologies / Advice or Rubrics for Decision-making

SCORM: connecting content and interaction to learning management systems

HTML Authoring

Multimedia / Slide-to-Movie Presenters / Digital Publishing

Applying Social Media Tools to Learning

Measurement and Evaluation



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