Category: ETEC 565A

E-portfolio for ETEC 565A (Application, Selection and Use of Educational Technology). Semester 2, 2011. University of British Columbia, Canada.

The story of a search for information

While narratives are often developed with characters and drama to share a personal experience, I chose to create a digital narrative that is instructional. It shows ‘how to find information on the internet’ and is a learning resource for Discover: a short course in information literacy. I used Stupeflix after

The MediaWiki Experience

  Just a few insights from participating in a collaborative class activity on MediaWiki: MediaWiki can be incorporated into a LMS and become a gated and protected learning space. MediaWiki allows participants to create pages and to create and edit content within those pages. It is a collaborative work space

DVD production is stress-free

DVD Production is stress-free. I used Windows DVD Maker and found it excellent for making a basic DVD tool. The software has on-screen prompts and intuitive functions. I easily worked through the process of starting a new production, saving the file, uploading a video, uploading still pictures (which Maker automatically

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