The story of a search for information

While narratives are often developed with characters and drama to share a personal experience, I chose to create a digital narrative that is instructional. It shows ‘how to find information on the internet’ and is a learning resource for Discover: a short course in information literacy.


I used Stupeflix after first trialing Webslides. I found Stupeflix to be great, and very intuitive to use. It was a matter of opening an account, importing images, overlaying music or other audio, and publishing. However, a fee was required to publish a production of 58 images.

Creating a digital story required me to reflect on how to do an information search on the Internet, to “teach myself” the steps, and to replicate those steps in a multimedia narrative that would be meaningful to adult learners. Hence, constructing a digital narrative was a reflective learning experience. It reinforced in my mind what Sanders et al (2009) have said about the value of narrative for reflection and for making meaning.

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Sanders, J., Murray, C., & McPherson, M. (2009). Chapter 9: Reflective Learning for the Net Generation. In T.T. Kidd & I. Chen (2009), Wired for Learning: An Educator’s Guide to Web 2.0. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.



  1. Brenda Courey says:

    That was outstanding Janette! What a great tool for doing slides – I can’t wait to try it! The music selection was perfect and your “lesson” about digital information literacy was so informative. I really appreciated your review at the end – going over a summary of what the presentation was about – excellent step to take when providing what might be new information to your viewers – was new to me I have to admit!

  2. Hi Janette,

    Thanks for sharing such a great tool for teaching kids information literacy. You have brought together what could be daunting tasks to a simplified approach (e.g., scroll down and look at dates) and have included important tools like wikipedia and journal searches (libraries). The technology you have used looks great and it actually has a Prezi look to it.

    Nice Work!

  3. Hi Janette,

    You have provided us a very good example at how to make the best out of this tool… and now gives me the motivation to use it as well and perhaps subscribe to it!

    Great work! ;o)


  4. Ken says:

    Wow! Nicely done. I have not used this before but look forward to spending some time discovering it. Thanks.

    Ken S.

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