The MediaWiki Experience


Just a few insights from participating in a collaborative class activity on MediaWiki:

  • MediaWiki can be incorporated into a LMS and become a gated and protected learning space.
  • MediaWiki allows participants to create pages and to create and edit content within those pages. It is a collaborative work space where each participant manages their level of contribution.
  • MediaWiki contrasts with threaded discussion forums that separate each author’s content and allow each author to retain some ownership and control over both their ideas and the expression/presentation of those ideas. A forum also enables people to see at a glance a “hot issue”.
  • The participant of a Wiki sees what is published (the “latest” content is the content), whereas the participant of a Discussion Forum chooses threads to view and respond to (selects content).
  • I believe that Forums are very powerful aids for reflection and social learning. Wikis appear to offer an online work space rather than an online discussion space.


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One comment

  1. John Egan says:

    I think with #7 you’ve hit the nail right on the head. But we wanted to give you folks the experience of leveraging wiki space in a way that’s not obvious to many wiki users.

    I’ll take a threaded discussion forum any day! 🙂

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