It's a wrap … almost!

Well, it’s been a dedicated weekend of study, revisiting the readings for Module 2 and reflecting on the scenarios we were given to analyse LMS selection. I’ve learnt a lot from posts in the forums and associated links. A big help was Patason’s link to “comparisons of CMS, blogs, wikis and forums”. This website explained beautifully the world of ‘dynamic’ websites, the role of databases to drive the platforms we refer to as CMS, blogs, wikis and forums, and also how a CMS is the most vulnerable, so a reliable server is a must.


One comment

  1. John Egan says:

    The sum of 565A is definitely worth more than it’s parts, eh?

    I’m not one of those “I’m a learner just like you” instructors–my role has other responsibilities that trump my own learning. But I’m learning a lot from your section in particular this year.

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