Month: June 2011

DVD production is stress-free

DVD Production is stress-free. I used Windows DVD Maker and found it excellent for making a basic DVD tool. The software has on-screen prompts and intuitive functions. I easily worked through the process of starting a new production, saving the file, uploading a video, uploading still pictures (which Maker automatically

Which of the seven principles of effective education do I adopt?

A task that I will tackle in my workplace over the next six months is re-design of the eLearning components of an undergraduate course in Early Childhood Education (one of many courses for an undergraduate degree in ECE teaching). I’ve decided that three of the seven principles of Chickering &

It's a wrap … almost!

Well, it’s been a dedicated weekend of study, revisiting the readings for Module 2 and reflecting on the scenarios we were given to analyse LMS selection. I’ve learnt a lot from posts in the forums and associated links. A big help was Patason’s link to “comparisons of CMS, blogs, wikis

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