Design thinking: empathy and desirability

Love the article from the Interaction Design Foundation on design thinking.   They say that the design thinking process begins with empathy … getting close to people and understanding where they’re at.  What they need and want. Then, creating the solutions that are desirable to people with those needs and wants. Examples

Let’s say it again: start with the need

Doing some reading today and nodding my head at Don Clark’s website on Instructional System Design. Love his message that projects needs to ‘start with the end in mind’ (the business need).  Once there is clarity on the need, the next phase is to articulate the performance outcomes that will achieve the need (the things people will do).

21st Century language teaching and learning

Literature Review of studies of educational technology in language learning by M.Kanokpermpoon. ICT-Oriented Language Education”

Digital Humanities

A case study: Washington and Lee University An article on the university’s humanities faculty, library and IT collaboration to create ‘digital humanities’. Published on July 24, 2014 at The Academic Commons.          

Video tutorial from Tzvi Daum helped me to install Moodle 2.7

  This video from Tzvi Daum on has been a great asset to me. I decided to do a manual installation on my hosted server through CPanel. The video which was produced to show installation steps for 2.1 was the perfect tutorial for me for 2.7. Well done Tzvi.

Higher education teaching in virtual worlds

  Enjoyed this article by Dr Clare Samson, CDE Fellow, University of London.   Higher education teaching in virtual worlds    

E-Assessment Workshop

Michael Gwyther of the VET Development Centre shares a fabulous presentation from his e-Assessment workshop.   E-Assessment – Vet Development Centre from Yum Studio    

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