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Higher education teaching in virtual worlds

Enjoyed this article by Dr Clare Samson, CDE Fellow, University of London.
Higher education teaching in virtual worlds

E-Assessment Workshop

Michael Gwyther of the VET Development Centre shares a fabulous presentation from his e-Assessment workshop.


Things everyone should know about browsers

Best book ever on web browsers
Google has put together the most amazing eBook.
An easy-to-understand guide to all things current about using the web.

20 things I learned about browsers and the web

Agile approach to learning content creation

Chief Learning Officer magazine presents a sound argument for agile development of courses. Instructional design can be more iterative and incorporate feedback from learners at an earlier stage. No need to plan and build *all* modules at once!
Are you Truly Agile? by Bob Mosher

What is ‘member worth’ to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter?

Study of market competitiveness of publicly traded companies in the social media space – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Who performed better at their public launch? Who is sustaining performance based on average member value?

Imagine if textbooks could learn

Adaptive learning pathways are the offering of Knowillage. Looks to be on the pulse.
Check out

The Fun Theory

As happened in Stockholm

Viewed first at DeakinPrime news centre


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